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Anonymous asked:

I'm assuming you're still looking for those last parts.

Auditions are still OPEN. Some roles have received auditions, a couple have received none at all - get those in, people!


We have received one or two messages asking if auditions have been received. We send a confirmation email for every audition within 24 hours, so make sure you’re sending to the right address (rapidcitymusic gmail) if you don’t get one!


Anonymous asked:

Are you still looking for those last parts? Haven't heard anything else after seeing your notice on EQD.

Yes! We are still accepting auditions for:

SPIKE (male lead)

BLAZE (male supporting)

The following Mane 6: PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH, FLUTTERSHY, APPLEJACK (female supporting)



Anonymous asked:

How long will each act be?

There are approximately 28 original songs in the whole two-act musical as well as a number of dialogue tracks inserted between the songs to connect the story.

EDIT: This number does include a couple of underscore pieces, and in the interest of full disclosure, songs have been cut and re-added in the past… So let’s go with “between 20 and 30” for now.
  • Track Name

    "Harmony" (demo)

  • Album

    Act I

  • Artist

    My Little Musical

Here’s a little WIP preview of “Harmony” from Act I, featuring Haylizbeth as Twilight and L-Train on acoustic guitars!

SPIKE, OC, and MANE 6 minus 2!

Audition Document

Hello! If you’re reading this, either you’ve been following us for a while or you’ve seen one of our ads on Equestria Daily. Either way, welcome! The musical has been in the recording stage for a while now, but we come to you, tumblr, to help us fill our remaining roles! Many of our roles such as Twilight, Rarity, Onyx, and Ocean Mist and ALL of our musician spots have been filled, but we are still seeking the following:

SPIKE (male lead - extensive singing. Tenor/baritenor.)

MANE 6 except Twilight and Rarity (some with solo songs, all with support singing. Soprano and Mezzo roles available - see audition document.)

BLAZE (OC, male support singing - see audition document for character description. Baritone.)


If you wish to audition for any of these roles, please send an example of your work and one of the monologues as detailed in the audition document below to the following address: rapidcitymusic [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

Audition Document

VISUAL ARTISTS, or, “Don’t worry, we’re not dead!”

No, it’s true, we’re not dead! Work continues on behind the scenes as always. We are still seeking a visual artist (see the Visual Artists post below) and also an additional sound designer to join the team!

Recording, re-recording, re-writing, mixing… it takes a while, but it’s all being done in pursuit of a better final product. Thanks for sticking with us on the ride so far! We will be posting more information soon. Who knows, maybe even some demos…?

—Rapid City

Have a listen to some of the talent from our cast!

The amazingly talented Shelby Sessler (Rarity) and Austin Nebbia (Onyx) cover the song “Love Is an Open Door” from the new Disney movie, Frozen!

Now Seeking Visual Artists

We are now seeking VISUAL ARTISTS interested in helping to bring the concept of My Little Musical to life. Visual Artists could range from designing album artwork to scene concepts to promotional material.

If interested, please e-mail with either a link to your artwork, or your artwork portfolio attached. Optionally, applicants may also attach a resumé of prior experience.

Thanks in advance!

- AW
Director of My Little Musical

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